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Global Trade Big Data Searching System
Still troubled by finding new clients?
Easily & Continuously obtaining overseas purchasers resource!

5 databases consisted of Customs Declaration data, Mirrored Declaration Data, Eurasian Data, Transit Data and Directory Data, covering over 200 countries. Gap-less connecting and timely updating import and export data realize the full networking connection of the customers transaction data. GPM has massive data and able to fetch precisely, based on the data collation system adopting our own property rights that applying international trade standardization, and core technologies like storage database of big data distribution.

AI Visual Intelligent Analysis Report
Do you really understand your target market?
Deeply analyze the target market, Precisely grasp the lifeblood of the market!

With big data cloud computing and artificial intelligence as the core technology, system will mine data in-depth and form a multidimensional & multilevel intelligent analysis report. Decrease the business investigation cost of enterprises; Hundreds of visual reports assist you to master the product market tendency and the change of international market in time; Improve the enterprise competitiveness through targeting the market, positioning product strategy, analyzing the competitive market and making the marketing strategy scientifically.

Global Purchasers Precisely Matching
Still developing clients "in the sea"?
Spend 80% of your time on 20% of accurate customers!

Both Intelligent Topology Technology and Neural information network make efforts in succession, targeting the accurate purchasers!Thru the product's name, HS code given by the enterprise, Intelligent Topology Technology will collect high-frequency keywords and HS code which is in line with the declaration rules of various countries based on different languages. Then the Neural information network follows, thru high-precision calculation, matching and refining, it can automatically and perfectly match the right accurate and precise purchasers for trading enterprises.

Global Purchasers Portrait
How to make a comprehensive analysis to target customers?
Deeply grasping purchaser's condition, improve the chance of successful transaction!

Collect information from 48 searching engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, continuously track and analyze company's portrait, including the company background, industry background, enterprise credit, business database, revenue status, enterprise news, etc., to form a multidimensional enterprise background survey. Assisting foreign trade enterprises to know purchasers deeply, to reduce the risk of cooperation, to find a better entry point so they can quickly improve the chance for transaction during in the process of following up customers.

Key Person Of Global Purchasers Precisely Positioning
Had a pleasant negotiating process, but couldn't make a deal?
Find the decision maker, Contact the right person!

Targeting purchaser's official website, and taking it as a clue, mining information from 218 overseas social platforms by Python technology and combining with big data aggregation technology to analyze the social behavior of all email addresses related to the official website, so that it will locate and match the corresponding social identity information of each mail address. As long as their email has social behavior, system can accurately analyze their identity and lock the mail address of the person responsible for purchasing.

Google AR Live Positioning Surrounding Peers
How to develop clients thru the map?
3D reality VR to see the factory, intelligent matching surrounding peers!

Accurate positioning of Google maps, 360° live view of the surrounding environment of purchasers and viewing enterprise overall perspective at a glance help to analyze and verify the scale and strength of purchasers. At the same time, GPM Google maps function relying on powerful technical methods and system locates surrounding peer purchasers within 20 km and marks them on the map, in order to assist foreign trading companies to dig out more target customers and obtain more business opportunities.

Global Trade Chain Monitoring and Warning
“Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will be invincible in a hundred battles.”
Master timely business intelligence and obtain real strategic value!

Help enterprises establish business information system scientifically,GPM utilized the core technology of enterprise competitive intelligence monitoring system analyzing the supply chain of the target customers in depth and displaying the supply chain map of purchasers. Comprehensively grasping supply chain status of target customers, competitors and existed customers, mastering the target customer transaction dynamics and specific transaction information at the first time, which will give you an insight into market changes so that you can adjust communication strategies and maintain your clients very well.

AI Recommending Accurate Purchasers
The "Intelligent Trading Assistant Robot" that every enterprise deserved having.
100 times more capability to reach customers, intelligent and accurate!

GPM uses AI intelligent calculation to construct the purchasers portrait with the highest matching degree and transaction possibility from the real transaction data that public on the Internet. "Intelligent Trading Assistant Robot" tracks the global trade tendency 24/7, its ability of efficiently matching and reaching purchasers will be dozens to hundreds times more than traditional manual labor. It can recommend accurate buyers timely, and solve the problems of high time cost, high labor cost, low efficiency and low conversion rate during the process of looking for customers and pre-developing clients process.

Intelligent E-Mail Marketing Tracking And Managing System
Avoid making your mail like a stone dropping into the sea.
High successful rate of mail delivery, timely tracking customer's email reading trail.

Setting up exclusive abroad mail server with overseas email delivery system solved the disturbing problem of email returned. The United States, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong etc and other global delivery channels made the mail delivery successful rate reaching over 95%, meanwhile it has a spam filter to avoid your mails being identified as spam. The Marketing Mails Tracking Management System allows you to master the customer's reading trail at the first time and establishes unobstructed communication channel for you.

CRM intelligent Customers Management System
Customer Life Cycle Refinement Management
Customer refinement management,One-stop convenient serving.

Intelligent customer management helps enterprise systematically managing and following up every customers found in the system. Simple, convenient and effective is our purpose, and helping foreign trade enterprises to manage new customers, maintain old clients, monitor customer dynamics in real time, maintain every important customers from all angles, remind the whole process of foreign trade, reduce the order cycle, increase the sales revenue, improve communication efficiency and reduce labor cost.