Clients Mining
Search global active buyers by one click,Continuous buyers resource
Analyze Customer
Multidimensional & Multilevel analyze industry,Grasp the lifeblood of the market.
Target Customer
Spend 80% of time on 20% accurate customers, Accurately obtain customers
Develop Customer
Create efficient communication channels,Avoid invalid communication, Double the transaction volume
Manage Customer
Intelligent CRM management, Live updates on tracking, Showing buyers factually
Master Data, Create Future
Data brings insights on market changes, Precision discovers business chances
15 years
Focus on Trading
Data Analysis
186 + countries
Cover Global Major
Trading Countries
480 million +
Overseas buyers contacts
From research reports of authority organization
3 billion +
Massive data resource
Reflecting the charm of big data
62.8% YoY(year-on-year growth)
Increase order volumes
Create value for the company
10 TB +
Mass data
Cloud storage, Computing power

GPM, a complete set
of global trade precision marketing solutions

Solve all the problems of traditional international trade marketing models!

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Global Trade Big Data Searching System

Massive accurate data, AI intelligent analysis


AI Visual Intelligent Analysis Report

360°visual report, In-depth analysis of the market


Global Purchasers Precisely Matching

Establish a neural network, Intelligently grasp accurate customers in topology


Global Purchasers Portrait

48 well-known searching engines, Mining and analyzing the 3D background of enterprises


Key Person Of Global Purchasers Precisely Positioning

Intelligent screening, In-depth mining the information of decision makers


Google AR Live Positioning Surrounding Peers

3D panoramic images reflect the quality of purchasing companies, Intelligence matches surrounding purchasing companies


Global Trade Chain Monitoring and Warning

Monitoring competitors’ intelligence system, Monitoring customers' every movements in real-time


AI Recommending Accurate Purchasers

Save the cost of developing customers, Regularly recommend suitable & accurate buyer resources


Intelligent E-Mail Marketing Tracking And Managing System

“E-Mail Marketing System” establishes efficient communication channels, The email delivery rate reached over 95%


CRM intelligent Customers Management System

Assist company to manage and follow up every accurate high-quality customers systematically

Earn customers’ trust with efficient and professional services
Shanghai Jia * * Technology Co., Ltd

The company from the founding of three people to now more than a hundred people, along the way I am grateful for many things, GPM was the first to bear the brunt. What impressed me most at the beginning was that 80% of the time was spent on 20% of the accurate customers. Along the way, gratitude accompanied.

Manager Zhang

August 16, 2020
Dalian AI * * Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

It took too many detours to start trade. Some background investigations of foreign purchasers wasted a lot of our energy. When we learned that GPM was headquartered in Dalian in the industry exchange meeting, we went to the company directly to learn about their solutions and the scale of the enterprise, and signed a contract directly for three years.


October 20, 2020
Guangzhou Hui * * Clothing Co., Ltd

Everyone is saying that business is becoming more and more difficult. There are often customers who cooperate with each other for no reason. Thanks to GPM, we can master the dynamic information of partners in real time through the early warning function. At the same time, we also developed a lot of new orders for us, always support you!

Manager Dong

November 02, 2020
Leading international trade in digital era, Accurately empowering commercial opportunities
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